wedding photography

Erica & Chris / Indian Ridge Preserve / Upstate New York

Erica and Chris are friends of mine so it was very special to spend their wedding day with them as their photographer.  I stole them away for long portrait sessions in the nearby apple orchard so they could have some quiet time on their big day. Also, selfishly, there was an adorable NEARBY APPLE ORCHARD!

If you ask anyone who was there, they'll tell you once my photography duties were over I immediately took to the dance floor.

Mother of the Bride

It's a given that a wedding photographer should get photos of the bride and groom sharing special moments throughout their wedding day, but it's always a sweet bonus to capture the small moments between parents and their to-be-wed child.


At Erica and Ari's wedding that I shot with Karen Wise, I saw a sincere embrace between mother and daughter from another room. Where I was standing in the living area of the hotel room all was hustle and bustle, crowded with sisters, cousins, hairdressers.  In the back bedroom, a mom and daughter shared a quiet moment to be thankful for each other. It was a sight to see and I'm glad I caught it here.

Also, can we talk about the Mother of the Bride's dress? Gorgeous.