new york wedding

Gabrielle & Chase / Inn at West Settlement / Roxbury, NY

Gabrielle and Chase got married at the beautiful Inn at West Settlement in Roxbury, NY. They had a lot of gorgeous surroundings to work with but that didn't stop the couple from adding even more details to make the space their own. I especially loved the couple's wedding poster, designed by the bride's brother in the style of 60s-70s concert flyers. It looks like it belongs under a blacklight. So so good. Also, there was a dog so ya know, everything was great.

Mother of the Bride

It's a given that a wedding photographer should get photos of the bride and groom sharing special moments throughout their wedding day, but it's always a sweet bonus to capture the small moments between parents and their to-be-wed child.


At Erica and Ari's wedding that I shot with Karen Wise, I saw a sincere embrace between mother and daughter from another room. Where I was standing in the living area of the hotel room all was hustle and bustle, crowded with sisters, cousins, hairdressers.  In the back bedroom, a mom and daughter shared a quiet moment to be thankful for each other. It was a sight to see and I'm glad I caught it here.

Also, can we talk about the Mother of the Bride's dress? Gorgeous.