erica and james

Erica & James / Updike Farmstead / New Jersey

Erica and James are a couple that care most about entertaining their guests. Before the wedding day, James worked in his woodshop to create several handmade games including cornhole and nok hockey.  Not only did he make these games but he also created signs for each game as well as signs for drinks, run of show, etc.  Each one was handpainted by Erica. Both of them invested a lot of their own sweat and tears into their wedding which I think everyone appreciated. Also, they hired food trucks including a pizza truck and my favorite of the night, a poutine truck.  Heck, they even thought of me, the photographer. I had more than three barns and a couple fields to choose from when shooting.  I had a great time photographing their wedding and an even greater time watching Erica beat James at his own nok hockey game.