Storm King Art Center / Katherine Sacks

A former co-worker, Katherine Sacks, and I went on a little Saturday field trip to Storm King Art Center. She's been living in Berlin for a year (or so) but has recently moved back to NYC. It's hard to keep up with all her projects/goings-on but she is a journalist in the food/cooking/restaurant industry and the best way to figure out how-she-do is to check out her twitter. Though she's excited to be back, she longs to get out of the city and back to nature every so often. I was happy to oblige her craving for the outdoors by driving her to Storm King. It was a gloomy, cool day so the park wasn't that crowded. We both had our cameras but I didn't really take too many photos except for a couple of Katherine standing in front of Ursula von Rydingsvard's For Paul. Most of the other photos of the park are whatever, but I thought these two simple images were really nice. Can't wait to go on more adventures with you, Katherine!

Powell Family Shoot / Central Park

The day before Thanksgiving, it was about hour 36 of constant rain showers in New York City. The Powells and I wore as much rainproof stuff as we could and took to Central Park for a family photo shoot. The family used to live in NYC, the elder daughter being born here, so they wanted to get photos that captured the spirit of the city as well as the season. It was pretty chilly and wet but I got some really great shots of the family in the city's most iconic park.