Coney Island / Never-ending Cold & Snow

I'd like to say it's just everyone in NYC who is sick of this endless bout of cold weather and excess of snow and ice, but it seems most of the country is getting a little lesson in how to cope with their own personal flavor of cabin fever.  I've been through more episodes of Friday Night Lights and shaken more margaritas (doubling the recipe makes it easier to measure, so why not drink two?) than I'd like to admit.

Recently while driving back from JFK on the Belt Parkway with the sun going down and the clouds bunching together in purple streaks, I insist to Jeff that we try to make it to Coney Island before dark. Sunsets are brief to say the least in the winter so we didn't quite make it for the best part of sundown but visiting Coney Island while it's practically abandoned and the beach is equal parts sand and ice, is pretty interesting in itself. Here are a few shots of Jeff and I goofing around, getting some fresh air and attempting not to lose all feeling in our fingers.